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Dark, Emotional, and Inflammatory Words used on the Website:

by John Rasmussen

"In my Opinion":

     The first person I notified of the establishment of this website was a friend who is a lawyer. His immediate response was to advise me that I needed to change all my statements describing the criminal actions by judges, politicians and activists to indicate that the statements are my opinion. Citizens have a First Amendment right to express their opinion. But, that constitutional right does not extend to citizens making statements of criminal or treasonous activity about a judge or politician which have not been legally established. So, I've gone through about fifty webpages in which I've made statements describing criminal activity, and added a disclaimer that these statements are an expression of "my opinion". In some places I've simply inserted the words "in my opinion". In other places I've inserted a hyperlink, using similar words, which brings the reader to this page. When a paragraph contains a series of statements describing what I believe is criminal activity, I've frequently placed a hyperlinked all-encompassing disclaimer statement at the end of the paragraph. In every instance in which I've made a charge of criminal activity, it is my intention to indicate that it is "in my opinion". I encourage anyone who finds a statement which they believe should have this disclaimer, to use the following email link to advise me. Please identify the name of the page, the paragraph, and the words you find in need of the added disclaimer. I'd appreciate any help. Not only does this protect me from lawsuits by powerful people who have intentionally harmed me, in my opinion, but it is also fair to those I accuse of wrongdoing.

    Please use this email link to advise of any of my statements which need the phrase "in my opinion" inserted.

    If your computer is not set up to generate an email message using the above link, please use your email program and address your message to:

Dark Words:

     Throughout my website, I use the words "Treason", "Predetermined Decision", "Completely Dishonest", "Crooked Judge", and other similar terms to describe the "Intentionally Criminal" actions by some powerful people in King County, Washington, and judges who directly or indirectly participated in the East Lake Sammamish federal tax fraud scheme. These are dark, emotional, and inflammatory words that describe dishonest or criminal acts. Am I justified in using these words?
    (My statements describing wrongdoing or criminal actions on this webpage are a First Amendment expression of my opinion.)

An Accumulation of Evidence.

     The justification for the usage of those words does not come from a single discovery or fact, but rather from hundreds of facts that, when seen as a whole, combine to justify the usage. I came to that understanding by discovering the East Lake Sammamish federal tax fraud scheme; dealing with the lies, dishonesty, and unfounded threats of King County after I confronted its leadership with evidence of the crime; the judicial dishonesty in the King County v. Rasmussen and Ray v. King County decisions; the willingness of the appeals court judges to allow the dishonest decisions to stand; and the decision by the King County newspapers to not investigate and report the tax fraud scheme to the public. The justification comes not from a single, clearly criminal, act, it comes from hundreds of lies and half truths that add up to the certainty of the wrongdoing. It is "death by a thousand cuts" (ling che). The lies and half truths that I describe on this website establish, by small increments, a criminal pattern committed in both King County government and the courts.
    (My statements describing wrongdoing or criminal actions on this webpage are a First Amendment expression of my opinion.)

Are these Words Justified?

     Are these words used correctly? A little work is required to understand if this dishonesty exists in King County and the federal and state courts. If you have doubts, I challenge you to study the annotated federal and state decisions construing the 1887 Hilchkanum railway right-of-way deed. These annotated federal and state decisions, King County v. Rasmussen (2001), King County v. Rasmussen (2002), and Ray v. King County (2004), establish the truth. The criminals who have committed the federal tax fraud are counting on the public not reading and reflecting on what their leadership has done, but rather they believe the public will ignore the details as long as it is getting a bike trail without being taxed to pay for it. Where I point out dishonesty on this website, I provide links to materials that support my point. I welcome any legitimate challenge to my contentions and accusations. I was not allowed to present these contentions and accusations in court. Nor was I allowed to confront the participants in the crime by placing them under oath before a jury. The participants were protected by federal and state judges. I tried to confront these criminals. I took my case as far as the United States Supreme Court, and was denied my constitutional rights at every judicial level. I print the truth here, and I stand by what I write. The words I list, above, correctly describe the actions of some powerful folks in King County, and certain federal and state judges.
    (My statements describing wrongdoing or criminal actions on this webpage are a First Amendment expression of my opinion.)

Treason, Really?

     Of all the inflammatory words that I use on this website, "treason" is the most questionable. Legally, "treason" is defined as attempting to overthrow the government of the United States by overt acts. It is associated with loyalty to the enemies of the United States. Some would argue that I should be using "judicial misconduct" to describe the action of federal and state judges instead of using the word "treason". But, "treason" has a common meaning that does not require the legal prerequisites.

     Federal Judge Barbara Jacobs Rothstein committed a crime from the bench by striking evidence of a federal tax fraud scheme and issuing an irrational decision that covered up that fraud. That would be described as "judicial misconduct" except for the fact that Senior Circuit Judge Betty Binns Fletcher, who I assume is her friend, then covered up the fraud, on appeal. This was followed by the full Ninth Circuit refusing to correct the "judicial misconduct" when we appealed en banc. Rothstein and Fletcher confidently committed crimes from the bench because they knew that they would be protected by their fellow federal judges. In order to uphold the dishonest district and appeal decisions the judges of the Ninth Circuit intentionally denied my rights under the United States Constitution. There is no United States Constitution in the states governed by the Ninth Circuit courts. It is removed on the whim of the federal judges. Their fellow judges then support them rather that stand by their oaths to uphold the law. This destroys the legitimacy of the federal Ninth Circuit. This will destroy our Country as it becomes the rule in our courts. This is treason.
    (My statements describing wrongdoing or criminal actions on this webpage are a First Amendment expression of my opinion.)

Do I go To Prison for My Stand?

     I've thought long and hard about publishing this website. When I first exposed the crime I was still working as a commercial pilot. King County threatened me with felony prosecution for the lies they manufactured to discredit me. A commercial pilot loses his license and job if he is convicted of a felony. I had to be overly careful because King County was threatening my family and livelihood. I'm retired now, and my kids are on their own. I can afford to expose the truth of King County's criminal activity. If the County is successful in criminalizing me, now, only I will suffer. If this website gets attention, the judges will attack me to protect themselves. They cannot justify what they have done with their support and cover-up of the East Lake Sammamish federal tax fraud scheme, so they will find a way to make me the criminal. Attacking me for the use of the inflammatory words that I use to describe their actions would be a logical tactic.
    (My statements describing wrongdoing or criminal actions on this webpage are a First Amendment expression of my opinion.)

Am I still an American Citizen?

     The dark, emotional, and inflammatory words, that I use to describe the judges, politicians, and others who conspired to commit federal tax fraud, are justified and explained by reading and understanding the whole body of evidence submitted on this website. My rights as an American were removed so that the politicians in King County could further their political careers by providing a free bike trail to the voters of the County. My rights were removed so that BNSF could rip off the American taxpayers. My rights were removed by federal and state judges in order to protect their fellow judges and the other participants in the crime. My rights died from a "thousand cuts", the willingness of the many and diverse parties, each contributing in small parts, to steal from their neighbors and the American taxpayers in order to get a bike trail in King County. I've described this informal cooperation of various elements of the King County community to steal from their neighbors as "theft by community". When I have no constitutional rights in our courts, am I still an American citizen?
    (My statements describing wrongdoing or criminal actions on this webpage are a First Amendment expression of my opinion.)

     If a person finds words like "treason" and "intentionally dishonest" excessive, I invite them to study the injustice described on this website and challenge me if they have a legitimate argument.